"Actually, I think that short-haired cats are friendlier; they adapt themselves to the environment more quickly than their long-haired congeners. But, at the same time, I have to admit that, in spite of these characteristics, long-haired cats are charmingly beautiful and have higher level of intelligence that is even comparable to that of a dog. I made this conclusion after long, careful and deliberate consideration." (Harrison Weir)

Somali – the magnificent descendant of the Abyssinian.

A cat one look at which takes your breath away. It resembles a little fox, with its big cocked-up ears, a clean-cut muzzle and a bushy tail. The look of a “wild cat” fascinates and attracts attention at once. It is a combination of beauty and uniqueness – every Somali has its own bright personality.

A Somali is an elegant, harmoniously built cat, medium in size. Gracefully, with genuine royal grandeur does it bear proudly one of its main values – a gorgeous tail, which, unlike a fox brush, is tipped with black. The neck is adorned with a small ruff, and on hind legs have breeches.

Very smooth, silky, flowing fur does not require special grooming. Because of its fine structure, it never becomes matted and can be easily combed out during the shedding, giving no trouble. The shining guard hair has zonary colouring (ticking), an alteration of dark and light bands along the full length of a hair – the more rings the better. The chest, belly and inside of legs have the color of the down hair. The down hair is of clear, deep hue. Being bright, it can be seen when the cat moves and creates the impression of inner glow, as if a sun has hidden. Large, expressive, magnetic almond-shaped eyes range in color from green to rich copper.

Somalis are extroverted, wonderfully acute and genteel cats; they get on well with other cats and dogs. They are clever, cheerful, playful and very curious. They will gladly become your companions and take part in every domestic activity. They will play football with toys, masterly tossing them up, will enthusiastically bring to you their “prey”, and will be ready to play again and again. Being inquisitive, they like opening different cupboards and drawers, leaving no corner in the house unexplored. Being quick-witted, if they need to achieve a certain aim, they will find the way. Being funny, they can hold food and toys in the paws. Being mischievous, they are in high spirits almost all the time and become darlings of all members of the family; their playfulness does not wear off in length of time. Being sensitive, they will never impose themselves on you if you are not disposed to communication. Being charming, they talk in soft and quiet voices that has a modulating trill. Being incredibly affectionate, they nuzzle, kiss you and attract your attention with a soft touch of a paw. Being versatile, they are always very pleasant to be watched, and they keep on surprising you over and over again. They are entirely devoid of aggression and are even-tempered in contact with children.

Nowadays the breed is recognized by all largest feline organizations, though with small differences in the standards. Thus, CFA recognizes only four colors in the Somali: Ruddy (tawny), Sorrel (red), Blue, and Fawn (beige).

Ruddy: Warm brown hue of fur ticked with black; the tip of a ticked hair is always black. On the back darker fur forms a “wild” line along the spine and tail, ending with a black tip. The coat on the belly, inside of legs, and chest is of even orange-brown or dark apricot color, without ticking or any other pattern. Tufts between toes and paw pads are black or dark brown. White or off-white is confined only to the area of lips, nostrils and chin. Nose leather is tile red, with a black rim. Eyes range in color from green to rich copper.

Sorrel (Red): Warm copper-red coat, preference given to darker tints of red. Nose leather and paw pads are pink.

Blue: Warm blue-grey color. Undercoat is light-cream or light-beige. Nose leather is tile red, paw pads are mauve-blue.

Fawn: Ivory color, ticked with beige. Nose leather and paw pads are pink